Iceland Day 5 | Fishy dishy

Today was a lazy day. We started it off with a nice birthday breakfast while chatting with two German computer science students. It was raining heavily – our plans for the area included a lot of walking.

We drove to the Hengifoss parking area, put on our multilayer hiking outfits and walked 1.4 km uphill. That’s where you could see Litlanesfoss. After we took a photo – singular – we decided that we were getting too wet and turned around. You can see Hengifoss in the back and also if you google it.

The seat heating in the car was wonderful. The cars thermometer showed 6°C for the most part. We drove another 246 km today and ended up in Þórshöfn. Which is here:

It is a small fishing village that counted 380 inhabitants in 2011. Our Airbnb here did not include a kitchen, but our host also owns a restaurant, so we went there to celebrate.

I had the “fish of the day” – salted cod with parsnip mash, quinoa and other stuff – which was really delicious. Coincidentally it happens to be SALT FISK VIKA, which of course means salt fish week, and this picture actually entered a contest to win a trip to Barcelona. Currently there are about 60 entries, so our chances don’t look too bad!

When I ordered, I didn’t know what a salt fish was. Did you? It turns out, that salt fish is fish that is preserved by being completely covered in salt, which sucks out all the moisture and dries the meat rather quickly. To prepare it as a dish it needs to be soaked in water for quite a while. I found this on the following website:

Hannah had a nice Icelandic beef burger with fries. We shared a smoked sweet potato soup as a starter and paid 56€ in total. The servings were really big though, and super tasty. When you go to a fancy restaurant in Austria, you wouldn’t be suprised about a bill in that general price range.

Talking about money: Prior to coming here, people had talked a lot about how expensive food is in Iceland. Which it is, if you’re going out. Food in the supermarket is actually quite affordable. I compiled a little list for comparison, of a actual stuff we bought from a local supermarket chain:

Skyr, 500 g2 €Yogurt, 500 g85 c
Kellogs Granola, 1 kg9,13 €Kellogs Granola, 1 kg9,23 €
Oat drink, 1 l2,50 €Oat drink, 1 l 2,19 €
Packet of tea1,50 €Packet of tea1,99 €
Bell pepper, 177 cBell pepper, 199 c
Gouda sliced, 1 kg13,37 €Goude sliced, 1kg9,73 €
Knorr Cup a Soup1,59 €Knorr Cup a Soup 1,50 €
Whole Wheat Wraps1,87 €Whole Wheat Wraps2,99 €
Shrimp salad, 200 g2,28 €Shirmp salad, 200 g2,59 €
Spelt toast, 250 g3,26 €Spelt toast, 250 g1,99 €

Source of prices:
Iceland: Kronan receipts
Austria: BILLA website (no clever, cheapest comparable product)

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  1. Despite the rain it was probably a nice birthday – I wish you the best of luck to win the trip to Barcelona!
    I remember salted fish in Portugal, it was also a specialty.
    And the prices do not seem to me too bad – it was almost like in Ireland, but enough from other countries – Iceland enjoys! Anyway!
    And … happy birthday again, Hannah, a little too late on this path!

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