Iceland Day 7 | Rock and Stone

Today we visited the Mývatn area. Mývatn is a lake and the Mývatn area is the area around the lake. This area, meaning the area around Mývatn, has lots of geothermal activity. That means it is smelly and has lots of chemicals and microorganisms everywhere and also there is a volcano. The volcano has produced lots of volcanic rock. This kind of rock is everywhere now.

And the people of Iceland are convinced that people who are not from Iceland want to see the volcanic rock, and walk on it, and take pictures. So we did just that, to satisfy their expectations. Have a look:

Millions of rocks

Solidified molten rocks

You want to hear the best rock puns?
Give me a moment and I’ll dig something up.

Intermediate rock pun
Colorful rock
Spooky rock
Rock plants

What do rocks eat?

Intermediate rock pun
Nice rock
Ice rock (yep, it snowed)
Red rocks and big rocks

I really hate rock puns.
My sediments exactly.

Intermediate rock pun
No rocks, just mud
Steam rocks

How did the geology student drown?
His grades were below C-level.

Intermediate rock pun
Rock with a hole
Giant lava rock
Rock-eye (not to be confused with Pop-eye)

Why did the tectonic plates break up?
It wasn’t her fault, but there was just too much friction between them.

Intermediate rock pun
Rocks around the Mývatn lake
A duck, trying to hit rock bottom
Swan Lake (rock adaption)

What did the rock say to the word processor?

Intermediate rock pun

A rock-supported pear
This just rocks

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  1. “Why did the tectonic plates break up?
    “It wasn’t her fault “”
    Thats what the she-plate always claims.

  2. you’ve discovered the mistake of yesterday yourself – I was already confused and thought I cannot count anymore 😀

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