Iceland Day 8 | Pay us a visit

Today was a day of visits. It started off with a visit to Listasafnið á Akureyri, which is the Akureyri Art Museum. They had free parking for two hours and free admission for good looking Austrian students. We paid 1500 ISK to get in.

I’m kidding of course – we paid extra, because we were rude. Anyways, where was I? Ah, yes, the museum. They had several different exhibitions, which were hard to tell apart, but everything was quite compact. The art ranged from paintings to installations and really weird videos of lightly clad people moving through a swamp.

There was one thing that caught our eyes and ears though. An installation involving a plant and a speaker. An experiment. There is a theory out there, that saying nice things to a plant will make it grow better. This probably sounds a little dumb to most of you but it is a nice thought nevertheless. The thing is, the curators of this exhibition decided it would be a good idea to let the public speak to the plant, and so they set up a computer as an interface, where anyone can enter anything they want. The written text will then be read out to the plant by a computer voice. Awesome idea. We looked through what had been written so far, and now know that even if the theory was true, the reverse conclusion is not. That plant should have been dead weeks ago.

And since the little Kumquat had been spoiled anyways, we gave it a go as well:

It is okay, if you don’t get this. Some people will though 😉

I actually messed up the order of our activities already, but I don’t want to change what I have written, so we’re going to pretend that everything is correct, alright?

Next we found a time machine and went back a few hours to visit Lystigarðurinn, the Botanical Gardens. They were rather small but quite nice. It was suprising how many plants could grow in this cold and wet environment. Autumn is here, a lot of leaves are going red and yellow, but not everything is wilting yet…

Apart from the flowers and a bus full of tourists we found this grumpy looking fluffball:

Our path to the next Airbnb led us to yet another museum – to the third visit of the day: Glaumbær Museum.

There we could see how people in Iceland had lived 200 years ago. And boy, were they tiny. I would have been a giant in their time.

On the first super small bed you can see a blue box. And right behind it is a board that belongs to some kind of card game. I guess you could call it a board game. The rules – sadly – were not specified.

We found another nice exhibit related to that, but this time the rules did not need to be specified.

The houses were made by building a wooden frame and then covering it with turf. Turf is basically just living grass and dirt. This does not only look cool, it also has an insulating effect, which is quite nice because it is so cool.

Today was the last time we had to travel super far. Four hours of driving took us here:

We still have a week in front of us, but already circled most of the island.

On the coast 10 minutes from our current accommodation there is a seal center, so we went to see some seals. The center was closed, so the seals weren’t working and we found this little buddy taking a foot bath instead.

Talking about baths – the hostel we are staying in has a hot tub. And that’s where we were just before writing this. And we will be there again later, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Aurora borealis.

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