Iceland Day 9 | Gravel roads, take me home

I have mentioned gravel roads before. They suck. Today we had to drive on gravel for 80 kilometers.

That is really exhausting. And I’m pretty sure the car didn’t like it very much either. I’ll add a video at the end of this post for you to watch, if you want to get a better feeling for what I mean. For a 4D touch, just rock on your chair a lot.

This is Lúðvík Karlsson, he is an artist and has made some of your post cards:

And this is us, eating Hákarl which is fermented Greenland shark.

Since the fresh shark meat is poisonous to us humans, it has to be fermented for a few weeks and dried for a few months before it is ‘edible’.

According to Christian (this thing is a family business) they get all their sharks from fishing boats that accidentally catch them in their nets. Those accidental catches count up to 70 or 80 a year.

According to Wikipedia, Greenland sharks have a lifespan of up to 400 years and (fun fact) hit puberty at around 150. Since they have been spotted at a depth of over 2000 meters, scientists don’t know much about their population and the species in general. And since they grow so old, their reproduction rate is assumed to be very low.

On the English Wikipedia, Greenland sharks are listed as a “Species endangered by use as food”.

So other than tasting rather bad in general, fermented Icelandic shark might not be the most sustainable food ever. #notrecommended

But they also have lots of old stuff in their museum, like this fancy washing machine.

Some Austrian playing cards.

And pieces of a polar bear’s foot – found in the stomach of one of the sharks.

The Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum is the first thing in Iceland where I kind of regret our visit. And I have paid for it with a long lasting aftertaste. If I had to describe it, I would say a very mild taste of urine and used sock.

And here’s the video I promised:

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  1. With this camera you ride seems as smooth as it can get… And I wonder why you can recognize the taste of urine and used socks…

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