Iceland Day 10 | Fogs trot

This is going to be a short post, because today we didn’t see too far. It was raining all day and the fog liked it and didn’t go away.

The uncomfortable thing was, most of what we had planned for today was outdoors. The comfortable thing was: the car!

Our first stop was a small museum that was also a small souvenir shop. It was a lot like the shark museum but without the tasting.

They have lots of old packaging on display. Those are always fun to look at. Here’s my favourite:

I was hoping to conduct a seance with this, but sadly it contained no spirits.

Our next stop fell into the water – as we say in Austria – and into the wind – as we say nowhere. The first one was a volcanic crater. We arrived at the foot of the hill – by car. There we watched a young lady failing at opening the trunk of her rental car, because the wind was so strong. And since it was raining heavily as well, we turned the car around and went on with our comfy ride, listening to the QI elves on our way.

Destination: Djúpalónsandur. A beach with a full set of steintökin. Those are lifting stones. Used to test the strength of men who wanted to hire on a fishing boat. Of course we wanted to see if we would have been fit for work back in the day. Sadly the path to the beach was closed due to construction. And since non-paths are off limits due to environmental protection, we had to skip this one as well. I will always wonder if I would have made the rank of the “weakling” which you achieve by lifiting a 54 kg stone (for full strength, add another hundred). If you wanted to score another point, you also had to guess what the 23 kg rank was called, to prove your strength of mind.

But despite all the rain we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Except it was neither in a tunnel nor switched on.

In the same area were some nice rocks as well. The fog gave this place a kind of mystic touch, which was actually pretty nice.

The sea was rough and lots of driftwood was lying around on the black lava beach. X marks the spot, right?

Our second to last item on the list: Bjarnafoss. It was still raining, but much less than before and the wind was okay as well. So we went for it.

In the first picture, if you look closely, you can see a bridge. We went there.

There was some troubled water under it, but it didn’t need a friend, so we walked along. We walked up the steep hill.

And many minutes later arrived at the foot of the waterfall. We still could only hardly see it from up there.

But it is there and legend has it, that the water drops 80 meters to come down here.

Our last stop for today: Ytri Tunga. Another seal hot spot. The problem is, seals don’t like to chill on the beach when it is super windy. We only spotted one. It was the fantastic eight-legged black-and-white wooly sheal, eating away at some washed up ocean crop.

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  1. My first thought was “Milchbubi” or maybe baby or semi- strong or little less than semi-weakling maybe wickie or myself…. but are you sure, that 54 kg is a weakling? I think 54 kg is a usable and 23 kg is the weakling and so this one get never a place on the boat…

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