Iceland Day 14 | Reykj-art-vik

Hello and welcome to the End. Today was the last official day of our trip, since tomorrow will solely be devoted to going back home.

In case you have noticed that there is no post about day 13: did you know that in a lot of countries you cannot go to floor 13 in skyscraper lifts, because there is no floor 13? This blog is just like that.

So we have arrived in Reykjavik, the city of roundabouts. Just to get to the city we had to drive through eight roundabouts. On our way to the pizza place where we had our last dinner in Iceland tonight – a four minute drive – two roundabouts. It seems you cannot go anywhere whithout rounding about.

Also the weather is preparing us for our return, today we measured a stunning 17 degrees! The average high temperatures for Reykjavik in summer (so July and August) are at around 13°C.

We were walking around downtown Reykjavik (reykja = smoke, vik = bay) during the day, hunting for souvenirs. This is just your regular tourist driven cluster of souvenir shops – with plenty of garbage to buy for plenty of money – restaurants and pubs.

Other than that and a cool church that we marveled at from the distance, there was not much to it. We saw quite a lot of street art though, and so here is a random compilation of painted walls and roads:

We are now sharing our Airbnb with three white fluffballs, Nala, Coco and the older one.

Tomorrow we are going to return our car – stress!!! – go to the airport, fly to Graz via Germany and fall into our matresses. And that’s it. That was our trip to Iceland, thanks for bearing with us 🙂

I might write a follow-up post if something interesting should actually occur with our rental services tomorrow, or if I feel the need to give you some more information for your own trip to Iceland – we’ll see. If not: good night, good bye and see you around!

Lukas & Hannah, 2019-09, 14 days in Iceland

PS: We have a Marco Polo travel guide to give away, if you’re interested just leave a comment and we will get it to you – free of charge!

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  1. Yes I’ve missed all day your post from day 13. How was the pizza? Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Good trip home and reasonably stress-free car return!

  2. The car return took 3 minutes, no complaints by the company (yet). Airport waiting time was MARVELous and boarding early and quick. See you on the other side 🙂

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