Iceland Day 0 | Hans A. in the Air

It is a wonderful day to sit inside metal cages for a few hours, isn’t it? First a tram, then a train, then a plane, a bus, another plane, another bus and finally a car.

Hans A. will take us to Reykjavik safely after a short stop in Germany.

The most exciting thing about today will be picking up our rental car. According to the plan we will arrive in Iceland just before midnight – hopefully with all our luggage. If they keep their promise, someone will wait for us at the airport in order to shuttle us to the Green Motion parking lot.

Once we arrive there, we will do our best to not get screwed over. Icelandic car rentals – actually car rentals in general – have a reputation to make their customers pay for any repairs possible. And it seems like a lot is possible.

We are well prepared and very eager to meet our car rental assistant and the car that is going to carry us around the island.

If you want to know what is going to happen, become a psychic, or tune in again soon and check the comment section!

Iceland Day -1 | Packing

Packing for cold, wet, windy weather, while keeping in mind that you might want to go bathing outdoors, yet still be comfortable indoors, take lots of high quality pictures and drive around and hike a lot – but also that you only have limited space to actually pack stuff into – that can be quite tricky.

Someone wants to come with us…

Here is a list of ten things we did in fact put into our bags:

  • Winter hats
  • Bathing gear
  • Thick jackets
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm gloves
  • Flip-Flops
  • Long underwear
  • 4 different objective lenses
  • An action camera (video clips incoming)
  • 101 epsiodes of “No Such Thing as a Fish”

Maybe we will post a list of things we packed but didn’t need after we return.